Which HGH Products Really Work? Increase Your HGH Levels By 285%

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9753971_lAs an editor of various health webpages, I often get questions from the curious and health-conscious among us.

And Human Growth Hormones (HGH) tops the list of hot topics.

People want to know the secret In harnessing the power of HGH to reverse aging, Increase height or to build muscle mass.

However let me share some advice, as far as matters of health are concerned getting into something without proper prior research could backfire with consequences.

Avoid falling for the lies that companies put before you, for they will try to cover up the cons and exaggerate the benefits to sell their products.

Is it wise to risk your own health for these lies?

Obviously NO

Now let’s talk about the essence of the HGH. I shall share the results of my research with you and save you from a lot of trouble and time.

I shall only present ‘facts’ before you and no ‘assumptions’, so that you can make a better decision.

Getting down to business, let’s see what HGH actually is.

HGH is an abbreviation for the Human Growth Hormone which is produced and secreted by the pituitary gland located in the brain. It is responsible for the stimulation of growth and production of cells in the human body. The primary benefit of HGH is that it increases your height, and other benefits include increased growth of muscle mass, improving the calcium retaining ability of your body, fat reduction, maintaining the bone strength, control of the insulin and sugar levels, increase the body’s immunity and perform many other functions to keep you healthy when you are young.

Now can you gauge why we start experiencing health issues

By the time we are in our 30′s, the production of this hormone starts declining and as we age the production if this vital hormone continues to reduce.

The amount of secretion is maximum in our childhood and reaches a peak during the age of puberty when the physical growth is at its highest.

The level of secretion keeps on declining as we live our lives as adults.

This is precisely what is responsible for various health problems such as diabetes, reduced muscle mass, depression, low energy and many other problems associated with ageing.

You must be thinking that if we could increase the levels if HGH in our body then we could regain our youth completely.

We could look good and feel healthy all over again.

If we go by this theory then HGH is the long searched for fountain of youth for mankind. The blessing we have all been waiting for may have finally been bestowed.

Our endless dreams of all traces of wrinkles disappearing, a lean body and an ebullience mind will come true and we will start living the life we have always wanted to live.

Today’s markets offer a large number of options to increase the HGH levels in your body which include the HGH injections, oral sprays and natural supplements amongst them.


The HGH Injection - Such synthetic substances are taken in the body twice or thrice in a day ideally and such injections are very costly. One injection costs up to $25. So one may have to spend $75 a day. And using that technique for a month will easily make you invest up to $2000 a month. These are not available over the counter because they are prescription medications. Even Insurance doesn’t pay for such drugs. These HGH products (injections/oral/other forms) are all synthesized in the laboratory and not naturally occurring. As is with almost all synthetic products, side effects are a very real and almost imminent threat. Therefore, besides the expenses, the side effects put a question mark on the viability of this product as an alternative.

Oral spray delivery of HGHs – There is no scientific proof that these products work. According to studies, the growth hormone doesn’t pass through the mouth membranes. That’s one less option available.

HGH Releasers (Natural Supplements) - This method is supposed to be far more effective in increasing the HGH amount in the human body. These may be perceived as similar to vitamin supplements that many people take. Since the pituitary gland is most active during sleeping hours therefore this supplement is to be taken at bedtime. Made from many natural ingredients combined, these releasers are completely natural and contain no synthesized substances. The reason why this is considered a much safer alternative to introducing synthetic substances is because these ingredients (completely natural) simply activate the pituitary gland to produce more HGH. This highly popular method does what none others can plus the need of a prescription is eliminated and the possibility of side effects removed.


All this research proves that such natural supplements are the best for anyone seeking the benefits of HGH.

Here comes the question of which natural supplements to choose from?

This requires a whole lot of more research

The ingredients used and the quantity of each need to be checked. Presented here is research on this very issue and the findings are presented here.

The huge range of herbal/natural HGH releasers on the market were checked, their ingredients compared and many facts verified from the manufacturers of these products.

GenF20 Plus

98% Success Rate


genf20_plus_ico Today, GenF20 Plus is being used by hundreds of thousands across the globe. The success rate is extremely high when compared to the other products. Made in an FDA certified lab, it contains a combination of amino peptide, vitamins and Alpha GPC a powerful new natural ingredient that releases HGH. It has proven to be highly effective and has absolutely no side effects. A 67-day money-back guarantee offers a risk free opportunity to try GenF20 Plus.To read the complete review Click Here….


90% Success Rate


GenFX is a wonderful anti-aging product that many vouch by. It helps reduce weight, gain muscle, optimize brain function and feel healthy overall. The blend of ingredients used is excellent and has been seen to result in youthful looks and well being.

HyperGH 14X

85% Success Rate


A relatively new dietary supplement that has had good success. HGH Energizer has HGH amino acid releasers and Human Growth Hormone factors. Reports from users were good. This also has no side effects at all and the ingredients used are natural. The company offers a 90-day money-back guarantee.

Product Name GenF20 Plus GenFX HyperGH 14X
Side Effects None None None
Guarantee 67 days 60 days 30 days
Reputation 4.8/5 4/5 3/5
Staff Support Excellent Good Good
Price $49.99 $69.95 $49.90
Avg. Rating 5/5 4/5 4/5
Official Website Click Here Click Here Click Here


This has yielded the conclusion that the best option available is GenF20 Plus closely followed by the GenFX.

These are both safe and use natural ingredients only. No other product on the market even compared to these superior combination’s which might be because it was found that most of the other products available had differences in what they claimed and what they really were.

Add to that the fact that the lab producing GenF20 plus is an FDA certified one, and suddenly there seems to be no reason to doubt the product. The FDA is known for its strict standard and a product produced in such a lab could be anything but unsafe.

The GenFX is no less as it is manufactured in labs certified by the GMP which automatically makes them a high quality pharmaceutical lab also.

The companies making these two products replied with the most professional and complete answers during the research of the HGH products – they left no vague ends. Both the companies clearly stated the ingredients used and didn’t oppose to verification of the same.

The GenF20 Plus company offers a no questions asked money back guarantee of 67-days, while the GenFX offers a 60-day guarantee.

Even though one may be in awe and amazed by such products which bring back the youth, the young good looks and the young feeling, the cost of these supplements on the higher side.

Then again, these are life transforming products of such a superior quality which can turn the clock back for anyone.

Any logical person would not mind spending and trying out these supplements rather than splurge on beauty products that only supposedly make your hair and skin look good and then again, only look good, not healthy and feel good too.

To answer the question on most minds right now

Why did I prefer GenF20 Plus over GenFX after out exhaustive research?

The decision was made on the basis of reviews of thousands of users and by verifying the ingredient quality used. That’s correct, this additional effort was made to actually verify on the basis of user experience, the quality of these products.

The quickness of the action of these supplements was verified by these reviews from thousands of people – both men and women – to determine the efficiency of these products. While GenFX got a rating of 4.1, GenF20 Plus got a 4.8 on a 5-star rating scale.

The better quality ingredients in GenF20 Plus resulted in people seeing better and quicker results from it over GenFX. It’s best to try one of these two and see the difference.

Since there’s no necessity to go ahead if one feels dissatisfied upon using any if these two products and with the cover of money back guarantee upon dissatisfaction, trying them is the obvious decision.

The official websites are:

Be careful though to never try them out both simultaneously as it’s never advisable to combine them. The goal of this research article is to inform consumers about the actual details of HGH.

It has been established now beyond doubt that most other products are fakes cheating customers of their money and health since they cost a lot and have severe side-effects.

This results in the customer becoming wary of any product capable of doing something extraordinary for them.

It is hoped that this would lead people to more trustable products.

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